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MOLKA is a crime documentary that seeks to expose the rape culture at the heart of the digital sex crime epidemic in South Korea, told through the journeys of survivors and the culture-shifting work of activists in their ongoing fight for justice.

With the help of an expanding supporting cast of police, lawyers, programmers, experts, sex educators, politicians and community groups, the film explores the intersection of unchecked rape culture and social media technology to incite urgent and critical discussions about accountability and bystander intervention in answer to two centralised questions: how has this happened? And what will it take to change?

 Digital Sex Crimes are a form of sexual violence, where digital devices and the online space are used to perpetrate abuse.


They involve non consensual filming, theft, manipulation and dissemination of a person's intimate imagery and information. In Korea, like many countries where a woman's sexuality is particularly stigmatised, these crimes are targeted overwhelmingly at women and minors.

Survivors experience profound social and psychological trauma that drastically alters all aspects of their lives as a result.

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